Kill Crabgrass


Kill Crabgrass

Crabgrass is an aggressive weed. Weeds can take a beautiful lawn and make it look horrible. One of the worst of the weeds is crabgrass. Once crabgrass sprouts up in your lawn it is extremely tough to kill off. Crabgrass spreads very quickly across your yard. They can take over a yard very quickly. So here are some tips on how you can kill off this pest.

The first major tip on controlling crabgrass is to have a lawn that is healthy and growing. So make your lawn as lush as you can with the proper fertilizer, nutrients, watering and mowing techniques. Using the correct fertilizer will give it the right nutrients. Watering should be done deeply and in the early morning. Having a regular mowing schedule with sharp blades and proper height is key.

Crabgrass likes to start growing in the spring, to here is a tip to prevent the crabgrass from coming up in the first place. Utilize a pre-emergent treatment on your lawn will prevent it from germinating. Usually do this from early spring to just about a month before summer starts. You can check with your local nurseries to see when it germinates in your area. There are a few different brands of pre-emergent but make sure you use the kind that is specific to your grass.

Note: If you happen to see a few crabgrass bunches, just pull them with the roots to help stop the spreading.

Crabgrass Killer

ASULOX!, ASULAM! Your crabgrass won't know the difference BUT it will STILL be DEAD! There is no difference between the two. The active ingredient is identical. "salt of asulam (methyl sulfanilylcarbamate) 36.2% " This is the only stuff that will KILL crabgrass but not your lawn. Used at 1 ounce per gallon of water, you can expect to see your crabgrass problem GONE in 12 to 14 days.

For fresh St. Augustine grass... Weed and crabgrass control chemicals should not be used in the first 30 days. The use of weed and crabgrass control chemicals should only be considered in extreme situations and then only as a spot treatment. Before applying any chemicals, read and follow all label instructions.

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